"21" stands for freedom.

It is the symbol of independence, where you own the right to make choices. It is the beginning of taking charge of your own happiness. It is a magic number that equates to dynamism and wisdom – the wisdom to inspire or be the inspiration. It is your privilege to carry out what you think or what you feel.

That is why Café 21’s 2 in 1 coffee is your key to freedom. You decide how your coffee tastes. Throw in some sugar, more sugar or none at all. However you do it, it is unique to only you.

Savour every moment.

2 in 1 Instant Coffeemix

Cultivated in the perfect climatic conditions of Colombia, Café21’s carefully selected Colombian Arabica Coffee Beans are famed for their soft quality, mild bitter flavour and sweet aroma. Combined with non-dairy creamer, Café21 brings to you coffee with a choice. Drink it as it is or simply add sugar to suit your taste. Finally, sit back, relax and enjoy the happiness it brings to you.
  • 300g (12g x 25 sticks)
  • 308g (14g x 22 sticks)

    2 in 1 Instant Coffeemix

    Together with our Colombian Arabica Coffee, the Café21 Low Fat contains low fat non-dairy creamer that contributes to the perfect blend of white coffee. What’s more, it’s cholesterol free. Drink it in any way you desire and savour every precious sip that makes each moment a Café21 moment.
    Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brunei, Philippines,
    Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Lebanon, US
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